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 Renovation Costs for Upscale Property in Paris-16

You are going to acquire or you already own an ‘apartment, house, studio, loft, or duplex in Paris-16’ or in ‘ile de France’ and you want to know the budget for your work.

Several factors come into play - is it an old Haussmann-style property or a recent residence. Is it a rental investment or your primary or secondary residence. Would you like to do a full or partial renovation?

For this reason, it is difficult to decide on an average cost for the renovation of an apartment or a house in Paris-16.



Everything will depend on the condition of the ‘interior of your studio, house, apartment or the duplex’ and whether you want to redo a rearrangement of several spaces. Some properties will require a partial renovation and others a complete renovation so that the work is done properly and the apartment looks nice after ‘interior renovation or remodeling’ is done.

The remodeling of certain spaces involves heavier work, such as bringing the electricity up to standard, overhauling the plumbing, rehabilitating the floors, changing the doors, opening a load-bearing wall, custom carpentry, moldings, etc.

The overall renovation cost will also depend on the choice of supplies and this is not negligible and for your supplies to be enhanced it is imperative that the technical basis be properly carried out by competent professionals.




It is common to hear that the average cost of ‘renovating an apartment’ is 1000 € HT per m2 and this is often far from reality because everything will depend on the following factors: bringing electricity up to standard , overhauling the plumbing, rehabilitating floors, changing doors, opening load-bearing walls, custom carpentry, moldings, choice of supplies….

For a partial renovation, it is necessary to envisage approximately 650 to 850 € HT per square meter,

For a complete ‘renovation of the property’ including the demolition lots, electrical water delivery, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, painting, installation of a kitchen, parquet, etc.) it will be necessary to plan between 1000 and 1500 euros HT per m2.

The smaller the surface, the higher the price will be because everything that is technical will be concentrated in a small space (electricity, plumbing) - it will be necessary to plan between 1400 and 2000 euros HT per m2




We often underestimate the ‘painting work’ which is not really true because if the painting is not done properly, then the interior of your apartment will not look nice. In addition, if the walls and ceilings are not properly prepared before the painting – then it is very likely that after some time, there will be cracks and fissures.

Therefore preparation of the support is often the longest phase and in fact more expensive because the workers are present from start to finish. This part of the interior renovation has to be done properly, and by the skilled painters otherwise, the interior will quickly develop imperfections.

It is for this reason that it is imperative to contact an apartment renovation company in Paris-16, which can carry out your interior renovation & decoration project from beginning to end.



Our ‘interior renovation company in Paris-16’ is capable of taking care of all aspects regarding the interior remodeling or decoration of your upscale property in Paris-16, and in ile de France. You will have only one contact, as we do not subcontract our renovation projects. Our workers are employees of the company and competent in the various trades.

We have our own team of professional painters, masons, electricians, carpenters, and plumbers etc., to take good care of your luxury house, apartment, duplex, studio, or the residence etc. In other words, either your property is of ‘Haussmannien type or the simple apartment’, we are capable of meeting all your renovation needs.


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